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B.Original Foods are nothing short of delicious! Some of the finest mobile food units in the country. B.Original services large fairs and events throughout the East Coast. As fourth generation food operators there are very few things that haven’t been tried and in many cases perfected in our food repertoire. From delicious sandwiches, to salads, and classic as well as cutting edge confections. B.Original meets and exceeds all expectations with your very first bite. Cleanliness, uniformity, and polite team members are always key as well. A smile and a sandwich or cold drink literally go hand in hand! Always trying to out do ourselves and this year will be no different when our quite possible the nicest mobile sandwich trailer in the country premieres in the spring of the year! Specialty food items and classic fair foods abound at B.Original. We look forward to seeing and impressing you soon at any or all of our events!Without you there wouldn’t be us!
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B.Original Foods is proud to have multiple in-house serve safe certified managers. They are always on site and hands on as all the food and confections are prepared. We are also proud to be a long time member of The Outdoor Amusement Business Circle Of Excellence which is equivalent to being a five star mobile restaurant!.
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B.Original Foods has been serving delicious, fresh mobile eats since 2006. The story did not begin there though it dates back decades to family roots of local and regional events in Rochester, New York! Fabulous foods and confections have been a staple in the family business for years dating back to the 1960’s! Now in recent times B.Original takes it to a whole new level with a state of the art mobile food court that is second to none. While servicing some of the largest events in the country which millions of guests attend annually! It’s one thing to serve a fabulous dinner to a few people and keep it consistent. To do that constantly thousands of times over is a feat difficult to achieve but B. Original seems to have mastered! Uniformity, top notch presentation, quality and quantity are many of the elements that set us apart. Visit us soon at any of our locations to see and taste the difference! We are extremely proud of what we do and you’ll be proud to have experienced it!
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